1. ratchetengineer:

    Photo Highlights from Ferguson October “Weekend of Resistance”

    Quote from J. Myles
    “Real talk- I did this for a weekend. These ppl here have been doing this every damn day. I’m exhausted over here wondering how ppl can handle the mental and physical strain. They are legit fighting for mike brown and the systematic racism we face as a ppl. [We], whoever all need to support them because this fight is for all of us. No way around that fact. “

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  2. shaggy-reid:


    Protestor and leader @tefpoe being arrested inside of Walmart

    "I am not resisting arrest. you. can’t. stop the revolution."

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  3. nbcparksandrec:

    On this day, three years ago, Donna and Tom introduced the world to “Treat Yo Self Day.”

    Life has never been the same.

  4. soffasupport:




    Treat yourself!

    This episode originally aired on October 13th.

    Today is Treat Yo Self Day!

    ♪♪treat yo self 2014♪♪

    So no relevant at all to the topic of SOFFA, but it is important to take care of yourself in a responsible way. So, treat yourself today! (and a little bit everyday after today!)

  5. fairylightsandcozynights:

    fairy lights & cozy nights | autumn & winter blog

    "There is no season when such pleasant and sunny spots may be lighted on, and produce so pleasant an effect on the feelings, as now in October." Nathaniel Hawthorne

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  6. gyclli:

    Way In the Lake/    Evgeni Dinev Photography

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  7. thegreatrachby:


    Fortune cookie wisdom.

    Inspiring :)

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